In August 2007 four young guys who sing with the National Barbershop Youth Chorus decided to sing a few numbers in quartet - and within nine months were British Quartet champions! In October 2008 they added the inaugural British Collegiate Quartet title to their list of achievements. Al, Zac, Joe and Duncan have had a meteoric rise to become one of the best male barbershop quartets in the UK but are determined to stay together and improve even more. They have already appeared and competed in America in both the International and the Collegiate Barbershop Quartet contests and are scheduled to return there in July 2010. Their appearances have included live performances on BBC1 television, and Christmas Charity fundraisers for the Roald Dahl Foundation and for the Salvation Army at the Royal Albert Hall, not to mention performing live at the London Palladium (on a Sunday night)! Their enthusiasm, matched by singing and performance of the highest quality, make them one of the most popular quartets in the history of British barbershop.