About Us

Tenor: Alan Hughes, 22.
Has been singing barbershop for eleven years and currently sings with BABS 2009 Gold Medal Chorus, the Cottontown Chorus from Bolton. Alan works for a recording studios suppliers and fitters; and in his spare time produces barbershop recordings for some of Britain's top acts.

Lead: Zac Booles, 22.
Zac currently directs the Grand Central Chorus, whom he has been singing with for several years. He is an upcoming arranger and coach with skills much sought-after in British barbershop. When not singing, Zac works for a local signwriters producing graphics for a variety of haulage firms.

Bari: Joe Knight, 23.
Joe has been singing barbershop seemingly since birth, having come from a barbershop family - both his parents have won quartet gold medals, and his fiancé sings tenor with the incredibly successful Lace City Singers Chorus from Sweet Adeline's Region 31. Joe has also recently taken on the role of Chorus Director for the Nottingham based Major Oak Chorus.

Bass: Duncan Blackeby, 23.
Duncan has been singing with Spirit of Harmony BABS 2009 Bronze Medal Chorus for several years now, and is an integral part of their continuing success. Duncan currently works in Resource and Capability (whatever the deuce that is) for a large insurance company. Being a bass, he is also the only singer in the quartet able to grow a beard.